Burgers, burgers, burgers…

All our burgers are made using 1/4lb American style burger, 5 inch floured bap, and fresh salad.  

You can choose from:

  • Americano – made with burger, salad, hash browns and cheese
  •  Hawaiian – made with burger, salad, pineapple fritter, and cheese
  • Mexican – made with burger, salad, onion rings, and spicy cheese topped with a splodge of chilli sauce
  •  Doner – served with burger, salad, and layer of lamb Doner meat
  • Chicken Steak – crispy chicken steak served with salad and mayo
  • Double Cheeseburger – made with 2 x 1/4lb burgers, salad and double cheese
  • 1/4lb  Burger or Cheeseburger –  served with or without salad

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